offers the most advanced, comprehensive vehicle anti-theft and protection system available today -- no other car alarm system comes close! combines technologically sophisticated, leading edge features to arm the vehicle's owner with the power to be immediately notified in real-time, whenever the automobile's safety system has been triggered.

Now, you are able to prevent or abort car theft through the use of GPS tracking, mobile telecommunications, remote viewing and recording, direct communication and remote engine shut down/start and door lock/unlock from the safety and comfort of your cell phone, PDA, laptop, desktop or other electronic device -- all in real-time.


  • offers a complete vehicle anti-theft and alarm system that immediately notifies the vehicle owner in real-time when the vehicle is being tampered with.  Notification is accomplished by wireless signal to the owner's cell phone, PDA, laptop or other electronic device, or can alert the police.  The signal can be structured to provide an audible, inaudible (i.e. vibratory) or visual alert -- owner can choose.
  • may transmit a photographic image or streaming video of the occupants, and everything within 360° of the viewing area.  The images may be viewed, stored, transmitted or periodically refreshed, and viewing may be done remotely in real-time or recorded.
  • arms the owner with the ability to speak directly with the vehicle's occupants and anyone surrounding the vehicle, in real-time.  This feature can prevent theft or have the theft aborted.